Ricoh® IBM® InfoPrint™ Printers

Ricoh® IBM® InfoPrint™ 4000

The IBM® InfoPrint™ 4000 is equipped with the next generation Advanced Function Common Control Unit (AFCCU) which enables resolution switching from 240 dpi to 300 dpi and vice-versa. In addition, the new AFCCU enables host managed paper jam recovery through the customer's post-processing equipment, new operator function enabling flexibility, up to 512MB of performance enabling memory, and support for adding toner while the printer is in operation.


Ricoh® IBM® InfoPrint™ 4100

The new IBM® InfoPrint™ 4100 Advanced Function Printing System is a next-generation digital publishing and output solution. For the first time, a high speed continuous form printer can produce the high image and text quality traditionally available only from cutsheet solutions. Enhancements include technological advancements in printhead, developer and fusing mechanisms, plus an integrated optical density feedback system.